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Æsir International delivers real time solutions in the front lines of Cyber Security. We employ the most advanced technologies and proven methodologies to maintain the defense in depth posture while taking proactive measures to eliminate threats. Æsir International works within the NIST and US CERT guidelines for the development of a cyber security framework scaled to the customers requirements.  


Our team works to understand the customer’s needs, constraints and functions relative to the associated risks to create a context to the cyber security needs. Based on this initial system, business and risk inquiry we develop a plan that works within the customers constraints to deploy the appropriate safeguards. These safe guards include: addressing security policy, training requirements, and employing the appropriate technology to protect the network. These technologies can be implemented to protect data, monitor networks and applications, as well as actively shut down attacks. After implementation we work to actively detect and respond to vulnerabilities and attacks. At some point all networks experience some level of compromise, from malware and phishing attacks to complete denial-of-service or theft of Intellectual or personal property. At that point we use the most up to date capabilities to recover, plan and improve the Cyber Security stance.

Contact Æsir International to discuss a plan that can work for you. 

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